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We import high quality single origin coffee from the mountains of El Salvador and roast to order in the U.S. We are unique in the way that we work and collaborate directly with the farm in Tacuba to ensure you know everything about your bean and roast. As a family owned and operated plantation, Pop Smoke beans are in the hands of a family member from harvest, processing and roasting all the way to your personal order.


“In the mid-nineteenth century in the Apaneca mountain range near the town of Tacuba, the first coffee plantations began to emerge due to the hard work of the native families of the region. These coffee farmers had to transport coffee by mule or on horseback through the mountains of the Impossible Forrest to the Port of Acajutla. Along the way there was a 800M deep canyon, which was almost impossible to cross. Alas many horses and mules fell into the abyss along with the coffee and its producers too.


In 1968 the government of El Salvador built a bridge over the canyon and placed a plaque to commentate that from 1968 forward it would no longer be impossible to cross. The González family has been cultivating coffee for three generations. Matilde González the grandmother of Mónica González has had these coffee farms since 1948 and they have been passed from generation to generation.


Today the Bellavista Farm is located at 1400M above sea level with different varieties of coffee all from the Arabica family, among them are bourbon, pacas, pacamara and geisha. Mónica has cultivated this farm with love and dedication in recent years and has planted all these varieties of coffee, while respecting the environment. Mónica has also encouraged work in the area championing a fair wage. Coffee from Mónica’s farm has different processes, including the natural and the Honey process. In these two processes no water is used, so it can be said that it is 100% coffee in harmony with the environment.


For the González Dahlby family it is an honor to export coffee to Pop Smoke Coffee Co. In the United States in support of coffee consumers young and old. After all, coffee is not only about caffeine itself, it is also work, passion, and love for that rich pure bean.”

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